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1.01ct. Pear Shape FANCY VIVID ORANGE Diamond
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Diamond Information
An extraordinary top level natural color diamond with a stunningly powerful VIVID saturation and absolute ORANGE color. Beautiful Pear Shape weighing 1.01 carats in a high VS1 clarity grade. One of the elite and highest regarded natural fancy color gradings by GIA standard is a ’FANCY VIVID ORANGE’. Virtually all orange diamonds fall into the sub-category of brownish and/or yellowish-orange. To attain a pure orange with no overtone color in the esteemed "vivid" range is one of the most spectacular natural achievements. This ultimate pumpkin diamond is among the very few straight vivid oranges known to exist in the world over a carat size in a VS or higher clarity. A very special and coveted item for a prime collector and true connoisseur of ultimate rare natural colored diamonds.
 Item Number: 6525P
 Cut: Pear Shape
 Carat Weight: 1.01 ct.
 Clarity: VS1
 Price: Please call for price
Additional Information
 Measurements: 8.73 x 4.97 x 3.53
 Certificate: GIA
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Email [email protected]
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